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A Unique flower box

SKU: 10780
$ 200
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Alstroemerias sunshine box

SKU: 12408
$ 28
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Amelia flower box

SKU: 10875
$ 67
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Beautiful alstroemeria flower box

SKU: 12403
$ 20
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Blissful love roses

SKU: 12337
$ 83
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Box of flowers and chocolates

SKU: 11216
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Bright sunflowers box

SKU: 12328
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Classic black and white rose box

SKU: 10886
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flower box

SKU: 11193
$ 30

 What is a Flower Box?

Well, it’s an intriguing combination of surprise and the beauty of flowers that adds a special touch to your gift. You give a closed box as a gift, and when the recipient opens it, their eyes light up with joy at the sight of the flowers, bringing a smile to their face. The most straightforward flower box arrangements work this way. However, nowadays, creative and talented florists offer different combinations of flowers and other gifts, allowing you to give a unique and special flower box for every occasion.

Variety of Flower Boxes for Different Occasions

If you were to give only one type of flower box for every occasion, your recipient might grow tired of receiving repetitive flowers.‘s product diversity comes to your aid in such cases. Different designs and gifts are offered for each occasion, allowing you to present a luxurious and unique gift. Products such as letter and number flower boxes, flower and chocolate boxes (for Valentine’s Day), flower and balloon boxes (for birthdays), flower boxes decorated with money (money arrangement), and flower boxes with fruit arrangements for special occasions like Yalda Night provided to surprise your loved ones differently every time.

Ordering Flowers in Iran/Tehran

If you need to send flowers to Iran/Tehran from the USA or any country in less than 4 hours, you can confidently rely on for online flower and plant purchases. We deliver high-quality fresh flowers and plants, ensuring that your absence is felt less by providing the best gifts to your loved ones. No matter where you are, you can express your love and respect to your friends and relatives in Iran during various events. As one of the most reputable online flower and plant shops in Tehran and the most significant and best flower and plant site in Iran, we send the most delicate gifts, indoor flowers, and outdoor plants chosen by you to your loved ones.